Designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Zero this reduced sized board packs the GPS antenna, Radiometrix MTX2 and LoRa Radio modules all on one Pi Zero sized board.

As with our full sized offerings this board is a GPS receiver and radio transmitters designed for tracking high altitude balloon flights utilising a Raspberry Pi Zero+.  Due to availability issues especially outside of the UK we are supplying this kit complete with a Raspberry Pi Zero and 32Gb preconfigured SD Card.

This unit will by default transmit on 434.200Mhz RTTY callsign CHANGEME and 434.475Mhz LoRa CHANGEME call sign.

You will get in the kit:

  • Pi In The Sky Zero Board (PITSZero)
  • Raspberry PiZero 
  • Raspberry PiZero camera cable (camera NOT included)
  • 32Gb Preinstalled SANDisk MicroSD Card + Adaptor
  • Battery holder.
  • 4 x 11mm Standoffs with screws to attach to the PiZero (Supplied preassembled)
  • Standard non stacking low profile header (Supplied preassembled)
  • 2 x RG174 Tails for making into an antennas see this article.

PITSZero takes the successful Pi In The Sky design and puts it in the PiZero form factor. Equipped with an on board GPS antenna, dual radios, step up converter and temperature sensor its had everything you need for a successful balloon flight. 

The radios supplied are a 434Mhz Radiometrix MTX2 radio transmitter for RTTY and a LoRa (443/868 or 915Mhz) which are license-free in Europe (for other areas check your local regulations - 915Mhz license exempt USA).  To track the location of flight you also need a suitable radio receiver, aerial and PC on the ground.  Suitable radios include SDR dongles / Airspy - see for examples of suitable models and full instructions.  For reception of LoRa transmissions you need a full sized Raspberry Pi with a LoRa Board on it (see this article)

It features:

  • Efficient built-in power regulator providing run time of over 20 hours from 3 Energizer Lithium Ultimate AA cells
  • Highly sensitive UBlox GPS receiver suitable for altitudes up to 50km with Sarantel/Maruwa antenna.
  • Temperature compensated, frequency agile, Radiometrix 434MHz radio transmitter for RTTY
  • LoRa(TM) Radio for telemetry and images.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Allows use of Raspberry Pi camera
  • Mounting holes and spacers for a solid connection to the Pi
  • Onboard 0.5A buck/boost regulator to provide power from an input voltage range from 1.4V to 5.5V. 

The open-source software provides these features:

  • Radio telemetry with GPS and sensor data using UKHAS standard
  • Radio image download using SSDV standard
  • Multi-threaded to maximize use of the radio bandwidth
  • Variable image size according to altitude
  • Stores full-definition images as well as smaller transmitted images
  • Automatically chooses better images for download
  • Configurable via text file in the Windows-visible partition of the SD card
  • Supplied as github repository with instruction
  • LoRa transmissions.

For latest news, code and documentation please visit :

It is recommend you review Dave Akermans article on ballooning here

Weight Breakdown:

Pi In The Sky Zero Board  -  60g
With battery clip

Pi In the Sky Zero Kit

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