• Habduino Kit

This has now been superceeded by FlexTrak and will no longer be manufactured.

This board is a GPS receiver and radio transmitter shield designed for tracking high altitude balloon flights utilizing an Arduino Uno/Duemilanove.

The Habduino Kit Comprises of :

  • Habduino Sheild. 
  • GPS Antenna with 0.5m cable.
  • Battery holder + clip

You will need to select either the MTX2 for 434Mhz transmission (supplied with an RG174 tail to make an antenna) or the suitable APRS module for your region (or both Habduino can do simultanious transmission on both radios). Selected radio modules will be assembled and tested.

To track the location of flight you also need a radio receiver, aerial and PC on the ground.  Suitable radios include SDR dongles/Airspy - see http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:sdr_tracker for examples of suitable models and full instructions.


  • Compatible with Duemilanovo and Uno boards (Other boards not supported)
  • On board step up to permit operation from 2 x AA batteries (Run time around 24 hours)
  • Ublox MAX M8Q GPS suitable for high altitude use.
  • Optional 70cms frequency agile TCXO equipped transmitter for RTTY (Optional)
  • Optional 300mW 2 meter transmitter for APRS (Optional)
  • Interupt driven simultaneous APRS and RTTY transmission.
  • On board temperature sensor. 

The open-source software provides these features:

  • Radio telemetry with GPS and sensor data using UKHAS format.
  • Supplied as github repository with instructions.
  • Open hardware design.
  • Optional APRS transmission alongside RTTY (See related items)

For latest news, code and documentation please visit :

http://www.habduino.org and https://github.com/habduino

Also Follow @habduinoProject on Twitter for more information.

The latest code is availble here: https://github.com/daveake/FlexTrack

Instructions are here :

Please note you may need to download the libraries.zip and extract them to arduino/libraries for the compile to work.

It is strongly recommend you review Dave Akermans article on ballooning here

Kit weights :

Habduino Sheild : 19g
MTX2 Where Fitted : 5g
HX1 Where Fitted : 8g
Battery Pack : 9g
GPS Antenna : 48g

Energizer Ultimate Lithium x 2  (Not supplied) 29g
Antenna : Customer to weigh.

Arduino : Customer to weigh.

Habduino Kit

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